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The company is headquartered in Suzhou, with branches in Tianjin, Shanghai, Xiamen, Lanzhou, New Zealand and Dubai. It has administrative and business departments such as management department, business department, finance department, oil transportation company and production department.

More than 100 employees, the company is people-oriented, focus on talent training, through years of training, a group of outstanding professional management personnel has gradually grown into the company's business backbone.

Global Strategic Layout

National Strategic Layout

Radiant Oil Depot Network

Suzhou has two oil depots, which are responsible for the oil market supply in Suzhou and surrounding areas;

Rent oil depots in Tianjin, Nantong, Lanzhou and other places for the transit and storage of oil products, ensure the smooth procurement and transfer of resources in the west and north, and promote the development of enterprises.

Radiant Oil Depot Network

Partners - East China

Partners - Central China

Partners - North China

Partners - Northwest Territories

Partners - South China