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Placing Electricity

I. Introduction of Suzhou Guanneng Distribution Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Guanneng Distribution Power Co., Ltd. is located in Taicang, a historical and cultural city with developed economy and rich culture. It is jointly established by the Taicang State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and three famous private enterprises in Suzhou according to the national power system reform and the relevant regulations and industrial policies for power market construction. The mixed ownership enterprise was incorporated in January 2017 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan.

Suzhou Guanneng Distribution Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and investment of integrated energy, such as electricity sales, distribution, power supply, power operation and maintenance, technical consultation, energy conservation, contract energy management, energy storage, microgrid, distributed energy and energy internet. , construction, operation and service business. The company will rely on the extensive social resources, strong talents and business models of the shareholders, and fully utilize the advantages of the company to enter the power and energy capital market. Based on Jiangsu and the whole country, it will surely develop and flourish in the power energy market and become a first-class enterprise. Sales service providers and integrated energy suppliers integrating distribution and sales.

Suzhou Guanneng Distribution Co., Ltd. adheres to the guiding ideology of “stable operation, pragmatic and efficient, value creation” and the business philosophy of “customer first, honest service, cooperation and win-win relations”, paying close attention to customer needs, safeguarding customer interests and obtaining objectives among the market. With a good reputation and reputation, we have become a loyal partner of our customers, providing our customers with safe, stable, high-quality and reliable power products and comprehensive energy services for a better future!

Second, the company's advantages

1. The resources of the state-owned assets and the power supply side are abundant;
2. professional management, power users save time, worry, save money;
3. Packing agent power users use electricity to reduce or exempt users from deviation assessment;
4. Ability to provide integrated energy solutions to power users;
5. with a comprehensive information management platform such as website, public number, transaction, customer management, easy to achieve online monitoring of energy data and trading of power energy products, 24-hour hotline service.

Third, the company's agent of power users

1. Users who meet the access conditions with an annual electricity consumption of 40 million kWh and a voltage level of 35 kV and above may choose to trade with the electricity sales company.
2. Users who have participated in the direct electricity transaction in 2017 can independently choose to trade with the electricity sales company.
3. Users with distributed power or micro-networks can entrust the sales company to purchase and sell electricity.

Fourth, the company's agent transaction form

1. The agent's annual bilateral negotiation directly purchases electricity from the power plant at the most favorable price;
2. the agent user concentrated bidding on a monthly basis, packaged to participate in the monthly concentrated bidding for electricity purchase.

V. Company value-added services

1. Freely assist qualified electric power users to apply for various formalities required to apply for direct electricity trading qualifications;
2. Free access to the company's network platform for qualified power user terminal data collection equipment to realize real-time monitoring of power consumption by users;
3. Provide free use of electricity, technical advice and guidance services for power users.